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One morning, I was out for my regular up-at-dawn walk along the beach near Surfer’s Point when I saw someone swimming out to sea — sans surfboard.

As usual, the water was sparkling in the early morning sun, speckled with dozens of men and women who start their day in a wetsuit. I’ve walked along that beach at least 300 times, and never once have I seen anything like it: a lone swimmer, plowing through the water with a powerful front crawl.

As I got closer to the pier, I realized I was mistaken. This wasn’t a lone swimmer; there…

This is what the ancients can teach us about sex.

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Everton Vila on Unsplash

In the early days of television when everything on the tube was black and white, all three of the existing channels completed their programming by midnight. People who watched TV simply enjoyed what they had. Only a dreamer would look at that small, grainy screen and imagine seeing a full-color picture, much less a high-definition flat screen.

And yet here we are, 90 years later, enjoying exactly that, plus round-the-clock programming on more channels than most of us bother to count. …

In honor of Gail​, The RiverGuidess (1956–2015)

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Photo credit Yuzuki Wang

When the Academy Award for best Documentary Short went to CRISIS HOTLINE: VETERAN’S PRESS, its producer, Dana Perry, stood out like a napalmed thumb among Hollywood’s glitziest. She dedicated her Oscar to the 15-year-old son she lost to suicide, declaring, “We should talk about suicide out loud.

Perry later told reporters: “We need to talk about suicide to work against the stigma … because the best prevention for suicide is awareness and discussion, not trying to sweep it under the rug.”

I took her statements to heart.

So I’m talkin’.

I’ve been reluctant…

Geralyn Gendreau

A psychotherapist, author, and soul-provoking life coach, Geralyn loves to tackle the impossible. Her favorite brain hack is jumping out of an airplane.

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